A perfect Web tool for mediocre employees

Feb 02, 2009
anonymous message
A well-known and supposedly respectable has recently launched the ad campaign about their new site. The resource called Anonymous Tip Giver offers e-mailing the anonymous messages to evil bosses. The premade templates are declared to be full of "constructive criticism or fun advice". However, after reviewing the site nothing constructive or fun was discovered:

  • The idea is as old as the hills. Not so pompous entertaining portals like or have been offering such service perhaps since the beginning of Internet.

  • Why don't use webmail? Most blogs and social networks commentators puzzle why not just create a next e-mail account in Gmail or wherever and send the messages from there, the more so this way allows the anonymous author to be much more creative? You are not required to be an ace of Photoshop to cut the hated boss's face out of corporate portrait and malevolently paste it into any appropriate picture. Usually the first idea is old good pornography but what stop you to invent something exclusive?

  • We know cool terms! What also sets everybody wondering is why the new resource is announced to be "viral" at once.

  • Where's fun? The feature to excuse the existence of this site could be funny premade tips and/or graphics. None of them is funny. The hallmark of the site is that the chosen character can speak with various electronic voices, perhaps in case of the boss can't read.

  • Some people deserve their bosses. And generally speaking, the actions like this seem to be wasting of time. If your boss is such idiot that talking alligator is the only way to tell him or her off, it's time to start sending your CV to somebody else: you are not in jail, after all


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