Has Web 2.0 influenced the Global Crisis?

Nov 12, 2008
web and crisis
The participants of the recent Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco expressed their concern about the trendiness of clogging the Internet with useless information.

According to James Powell, the Chief Technology Officer of Thomson Reuters, the spectrum of information is constantly being added in huge amounts, and besides benefits, it multiplies harm. He enigmatically joked that the top-priority task of Web 3.0 would be tidying up after Web 2.0.

To illustrate his point of view Powell mentioned the global financial crisis as an instance. According to his version, the crisis burst in many ways out of info superabundance: the experts simply failed to discern the alarm signs in this torrent.
Who would argue to Mr. Powell? At first sight, it just remains to feel pity for both IT tycoons and financial experts until you realize that this extra info kills your perception every day, too.

Have you recently noticed that:

1.You cannot stop surfing the Web, but mainly just read the headlines and scan the posts to stop only if the statements are outlined in lists or highlighted bold (for instance, reading this post. Knowing this aspect I abuse it with delight).

2.You cannot absorb a post of more than three or four paragraphs and just skim it.

3.You've been registered in a dozen social bookmarks and RSS services which certainly aimed to ease your web surfing but after all you have no idea where you saved that URL you really need.

4.Having been distracted by the next e-mail, ICQ or whatever alerts you cannot concentrate again on the post you were reading before it. The truth is that you cannot even recollect what it was about.

5.You forget the time you read books. Even if you tried recently, the only thing you remember was becoming bored and disappointed at the second page. Perhaps on the reason that the words "read more" were not hyperlinked

Does the above bear the stamp of truth? Sure you can continue this list with your own ugly symptoms.

As the basic Web 2.0 principle is every user direct contribution, the millions of Web 2.0 mania victims are the authors of this rush at the same time, and all together we can proudly take even the world financial crisis upon ourselves.


Nov 25, 2008 11:20 AM» posted by: Nataly
I notice that I go on becoming stupider...forget what i was going to say((
Oct 10, 2015 07:15 PM» posted by: Leonardinho
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