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Download Baby Driver Movie for free watching

Jan 01, 1970
Download Baby Driver HD 1080P/720P movie and watch it with your family and friends free from noisy theater disturbances.
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A Man is Known by his Username

Nov 23, 2008

The Username selection becomes a key challenge today. While surfing the Web you face the necessity to use it much more often then your offline first and last names given by the parents without your sanction.

Unlike the latter, a username is something you are free to invent. This creativity certainly fills the names with sense. It even allows drawing the certain conclusions about their owners. From time to time the usernames delight the eye of a tired surfer so they deserved a kind of homemade classification read more

A perfect Web tool for mediocre employees

Feb 02, 2009

On closer view, a new Anonymous Tip Giver makes you suggest its potential users deserve their bad bosses.

A well-known and supposedly respectable has recently launched a new site. After reviewing it nothing constructive or fun was discovered. read more

Ten oddest how-tos 2008

Jan 18, 2009

...among those submitted to social networks and bookmark services last year. "How-to" topic is one of the most in-demand in the web, and the users often digg, reddit, stumble or just bookmark such posts. Here is the list of the oddest, funniest or most useless tips found in most popular Web 2.0 recourses:

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Web 2.0 with Chinese accent

Dec 08, 2008

Everybody heard about the horrors of Chinese Internet,

but it's a surprise to learn they look so sweet and enthusiastic as Jingjing and Chacha. It should seem that the optimistic Chinese just have fun even in such a way. Besides, the service is quite in the manner of Web 2.0. See for yourself: read more

Has Web 2.0 influenced the Global Crisis?

Nov 12, 2008

The participants of the recent Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco expressed their concern about the trendiness of clogging the Internet with useless information.

According to their version, the crisis burst in many ways out of info superabundance: the experts simply failed to discern the alarm signs in this torrent. Do you have the same information overdose symptoms?

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Six tips to not go mad when some enemy disconnected you from Internet

Oct 29, 2008

No Internet access! Just when you planned to execute so many great ideas! Now it's all over and next couples of hours are fatally spoiled.

Do not panic and stop calling the support. Pull yourself together and do some practical things instead.

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Social networks: hedge of etiquette to feel comfortable

Sep 29, 2008

Recent research has revealed that almost two thirds of social sites users face certain difficulties mixing with people within social networks. Some simple-to-follow rules may help to avoid misunderstanding and frustration about this popular activity...

If you prefer to remain enigmatic and mysterious perhaps social networks are not for you.Such sites are created to reveal maximum information both to other users and to advertisers (what is much more important). read more


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