A word in defense of video games

Sep 25, 2008

All that is out of question, but the games are the same part of today's reality as, say, unfavorable ecological situation or petrol price increase. Does it mean the parents can just own up this state of things?

As to kiddies, the question mainly comes down to the limitation of the time they spend by the PC. The games themselves are as a rule innocent and even may be conventionally divided into and . Quite often they are very effective teaching tools to successfully fill even the gaps in the parents' education.

Grown-up children stay face to face with the PC more often and choose more exiting games and the teenagers unambiguously prefer shooters. The software suppliers offer convenient decisions to help parents, the so called parental programs. They may help but not solve the problem.

If you ask why not just ban playing, you probably do not have either a PC or a kid. However the answer exists and it's evident. The games are not the evil, what is abnormal is excessive playing.

This revelation is still not the answer, is it? To control the situation, the experts strongly recommend that parents play together with their kids.

It may initially seem a bit complicated, but the result worth it. Even if you do not show the high level of excellence (chances are you won't) it will redound to your advantage. The kid's indulgent criticism is a perfect background for strengthening your relationship.

Having learnt the terminology, you will speak the same language to the kid. You will be involved, and finally able to control the situation, say, limit the time or even switch the kid's attention to more peaceful games as or

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