Time Management vs Internet Addiction: what prevails?

Feb 12, 2009
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"Time management" is a pet subject in blogosphere. Web authors wrote numerous and voluminous treatises on the topic and still may go on for hours. Various web apps are always at hand to help the users in organizing their tasks. Sometimes it seems the term "time-management" itself was born in the web.

I read several long articles right to the end. I registered both in Remember The Milk and Google Calendar to be sure everything is under control.

As I combine my main job with on-line business I have to stick close to the schedule. Today I'm in the office. I decide to answer a lot of accumulated business letters, then write a new post. Everything is placed on record in RTM. That's how things actually turn out:

1. Before starting daily routine I launch ICQ just to send a short and important message to a friend (debt repaying, so it's urgent). It will take a minute at most.

2. I never abuse instant messengers (precious time) so there's just a single off-line message cheerfully blinking on the panel. It has come from afar: a week ago my close young relative moved to the USA. He's a bit nervous about it so I should first open his message to see what's up. Few extra seconds anyway.

3. The sender is laconic (perhaps he's economical of time too); he sends the link to his recent pictures. OK, I'll just have a look, it won't take a minute.

4. His on-line pictures are nice, and some mutual friends left their comments. I decide to drop a line, too. The field inviting to comment looks innocent: just type and submit. It's nothing for me and it will cheer up him, so why not. Still I control the time.

5. No such luck: all the same, registration's required. As a web addict I have a hundred profiles anywhere but here (the resource is the notorious spammer). However, I have already invented a witty comment. I'm hesitating for a moment, then OK, I click "register"

6. As you guessed, the frikin' resource opens a huge registration form with all fields required. Cursing them inwardly I fill it in on the third try. Peering into the unreadable captchas I gradually forget about my vast morning scheme.

7. As far as I create the account I want to upload my avatar as I hate no-faced profiles. I have a lot of suitable images at hand but after looking at the standard "no photo" icon I suddenly realize how to process it to have a nice off-beat avatar. The more so it needs a couple of strokes. The work of a moment(see the result above).I launch Photoshop and erase unnecessary symbols.

8. Despite the rest of the task is very simple, I cannot figure out how to implement it in Photoshop as I do not have enough skills to work with vector in this app. However it's a piece of cake in Illustrator. So I launch it to save my time...:-)

The result is known. It looks like the words "time-management" and "internet" are antonyms, at least to me. Or will anybody confess the same?


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