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Fix Common Video Playback Problems

Jan 01, 1970
Are you frustrated with your media player for there are always audio or video playback problems with it? For example, sometimes you may get a video without audio, come across audio and video syncing problem, the VLC player can’t play DVDs, etc. Here are some common video playback problems and what problem are you running into? read more

Best 4K Blu-ray Ripper: UHD Blu-ray Ripping for PC

Jan 01, 1970
4K Blu-ray stands out from the countless Blu-ray movies because of the high quality video enjoyment. Although Netflix and Amazon have plenty of original 4K content ready to stream, however, there still isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to actual movies, in addition, online 4K streaming requires fast connection. For those people who truly want to watch films in the highest quality possible, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray is still the best format on offer. You can easily play 4K Blu-ray with many 4K Blu-ray player hardware. read more

Google Chrome will expose your passwords?

Dec 16, 2008

Google Chrome is positioning as the safest and fastest browser in the world ("perhaps, the best", like everything in Google). So far, security and quickness were just the reasons why the users chose Firefox.

With Google reputation, who would dare to doubt? read more

Election topics are spammers useful tool

Oct 21, 2008

According to New York Times spammers are seven times more likely to use Obama's name than McCain's in the bulk messages subject lines.

For ordinary users this fact may only mean adding extra spam filters. However, sometimes spam messages may contain invaluable information.

read more

Brad Pitt in his new capacity

Oct 04, 2008

Protect your PC from Brad Pitt: leading news feeds have declared him "the most dangerous man in Internet". Type in you brouser his name and learn why.

What do you know about Brad Pitt? Bet the variants would be: "the greatest blond ever", "an odious Hollywood sex symbol", "the most remarkable in human history", "Angelina Jolie's current husband" and similar banalities. read more

Attention! Another Internet fraud

Sep 24, 2008

Nobody wants his computer to be infected, but not every user is sure how these viruses look like. It's a perfect background for the swindles of all kinds.

You surf Internet and suddenly your attention's attracted by the link "Test your PC for hackers attacks vulnerability" or "Is your PC safe?", or something like this. read more

How to see that your hard disk is at the death's door

Sep 23, 2008

It depends only on you whether it will leave all accumulated riches to you or these secrets will die with it.

Anyhow, you can sleep peacefully only if valuable information is saved twice, and the best way to protect your data is to back-up it to DVD or another carrier. If you haven't still done this, think about. You'd better start immediately if you noticed one of below symptoms. read more


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