Install Libdvdcss for Mac to Rip protected DVD

Dec 11, 2017
Those who want to rip DVDs to Mac hard drive with Handbrake must install libdvdcss on Mac. libdvdcss is a library that can be used to read DVDs without having to deal with decryption and read DVD discs that have a different region than your drive. The libdvdcss library comes with a sample of known CSS keys that are used to decode the DVD content. If you have ever ripped DVD on Mac, you probably have installed libdvdcss on Mac. But if you recently ugrade your computer to macOS Sierra or the previous El Capitan, you perhaps need to reinstall libdvdcss on Mac cause that it appears that El Capitan's new security system, "System Integrity Protection", removes libdvdcss. After disabling SIP, simply reinstall libdvdcss and you're good to go.

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