How to stream DVD, Blu-ray Movies and 1080p HD Videos to PS3 with 5.1 sound

Oct 26, 2017
Most people use PS3 as a game console. Many use it to play Blu-ray and DVD collections. Some stream Netflix content to their televisions via PS3. You might have used it for all above mentioned purposes, but PS3 can do even more. In this guide I’ll show you how to stream videos, DVD and Blu-ray Disc movies to PS3 from a home PC. Don’t be surprised. DLNA streaming is a built-in feature of your PS3, and it takes only a few steps to setup your local PC as a DLNA server. I have been streaming video from my home PC to a PS3 that is connected to my living room TV, and watching my movies and video shootings on the TV for a few months. It’s great!

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