How to see that your hard disk is at the death's door

Sep 23, 2008

Unpleasant noises
Always listen to the sounds produced by your hard disk. If it whispers: "Drop this useless job and go walking naked around the streets" ignore this message and consult another specialist. But if the noise becomes too laud or you hear atypical yowling and grinding - watch out.

According to the specialists, it's practically unerring sign of upcoming death of the disk. Besides, it means that you are critically short of time to copy the data.

Of course you may say "I'm a tin-ear and I won't hear the difference". There is the way out: record the normal sound and if you have a minor suspicion you'll be able to compare.

System errors
You notice some files disappeared. Some applications stopped launching. Sometimes you cannot find the files. It's suspicious but first of all you fairly suspect you children's, or your girlfriend's, or your pets' extra activity. Perhaps the files are eaten by the PC virus.

However, if you live alone, surf Internet cautiously, do not download suspicious files, do not install unknown software and use proper anti-virus, then it's again the certain sign of the disk problem.

The hard disk isn't recognized
While it's the most obvious problem symptom, you still can hope for the best. Perhaps, it's just the cable disconnected, or the controller burnt out. You can try to re-connect the disc to another port. If it hasn't helped, still do not despair. Take the disc apart and buy a couple of bear. Ask your friend to house your hard disk in his or her computer. If it doesn't work start tearing hair.

Computer hangs up
The blue display of death became your constant partner, operation system does not load at times, frequent file addressing results in the PC hanging up, and your girl-friend cheats you on with your wife..

All these signs except the last one are extremely alarming. The problems may be connected with the recent "acceleration" of the computer, or simple overheating of the machine. If not, it is the hard disk to blame.

When you hurry up to copy the date to the external carrier, listen carefully to the produced sounds. If the hard disk loudly cracks, it may not cope with long copying. Switch it off and call the specialist as you have done all that you can.


Oct 18, 2008 10:07 PM» posted by: Irene
Useful hints for such a dummy as I am, thx! I do hear those noises rather frequently but thought it was just because of too low or too high temperature... Now will backup my essential data first of all. Well, at least the good thing here is that I have not heard calls to walking naked yet. LOL.
Oct 10, 2015 06:05 PM» posted by: Denine
just go to BIOS setup and click DVD rom as first boot and follow the VISTA instlalation setup. its all over or install the VISTA in other drive and make ur laptop as dual boot XP ot VISTA, when u install VISTA, XP driver will be deleted becoz XP driver does not VISTA, backup all the files before installing VISTA

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