Google Chrome will expose your passwords?

Dec 16, 2008
google chrome domination Recently the Internet users have noticed that Google deleted beloved by all Firefox from Google Pack section. Google hints now it's time for Google Chrome browser, its own product as it's easy to guess.

The history started several months ago when Google Chrome beta release was launched, then habitual Firefox ad disappeared from Google homepage.

The new browser is positioned as the safest and fastest browser in the world ("perhaps, the best", like everything in Google). So far, security and quickness were just the reasons why the users chose Firefox.

With Google reputation, who would dare to doubt?

Meanwhile, Chapin Information Services (CIS) reported "critical vulnerabilities in this software. Among the problems are three in particular that, when combined, allow password thieves to take passwords without the user's knowledge"
Along with Google Chrome all other popular browsers have been tested. The best results showed Opera 9.62 and Firefox 3.0.4, while Google Chrome shared the last place with Safari.

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