Horror: overcome recession by selling your kidney on-line

Mar 26, 2009

Are you in the depths of despair having no chance to pay your debts? Unemployed and homeless? World Wide Web is again at hand to help you.

Previously found Internet tips how to beat crisis are nothing compared with the recently launched site named "Sell Kidney On-line". read more

Oddest recession survival tools found in web

Mar 12, 2009

Internet is full of the tips how to overcome recession. Most of them are trivial but some are the masterpieces. See the examples found by search engines in reply to crisis or recession survival request.

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How to help on-line criminals and earn fame at the same time?

Feb 24, 2009

These days Web 2.0 addicts become the heroes of Internet newsfeeds more and more often. It seems like cybercriminals work long hours on their tasks.

How can we help them in their hard work and at the same time become the latest on-line news' heroes? Below are some simple tips:
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What can be done about chaos in your bookmarks?

Feb 19, 2009

Two troubles of a real woman: she has nothing to wear and no vacant space in the wardrobe

A real web surfer faces the similar problem: the quantity of bookmarks is innumerable but it's impossible to find anything in them. What can be done about it?

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Time Management vs Internet Addiction: what prevails?

Feb 12, 2009
new avatar

"Time management" is a pet subject in blogosphere. Web authors wrote numerous and voluminous treatises on the topic and still may go on for hours. Various web apps are always at hand to help the users in organizing their tasks. Sometimes it seems the term "time-management" itself was born in the web. Let's see how it works

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7 extravagant and time killing web tools

Feb 09, 2009

There's no much practical sense in them, but in some situations these tools are irreplaceable: whether to occupy an annoying co-worker, or to impress a new girl-friend:

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A perfect Web tool for mediocre employees

Feb 02, 2009

On closer view, a new Anonymous Tip Giver makes you suggest its potential users deserve their bad bosses.

A well-known and supposedly respectable has recently launched a new site. After reviewing it nothing constructive or fun was discovered. read more

Ten oddest how-tos 2008

Jan 18, 2009

...among those submitted to social networks and bookmark services last year. "How-to" topic is one of the most in-demand in the web, and the users often digg, reddit, stumble or just bookmark such posts. Here is the list of the oddest, funniest or most useless tips found in most popular Web 2.0 recourses:

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Frozen Europeans can take on-line revenge on the Ukrainian President

Jan 07, 2009

At least web-citizens can throw another shoe at Ukrainian President Viktor Iushchenko who steals European gas instead paying the debt to Russia.

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Google Chrome will expose your passwords?

Dec 16, 2008
google chrome domination

Google Chrome is positioning as the safest and fastest browser in the world ("perhaps, the best", like everything in Google). So far, security and quickness were just the reasons why the users chose Firefox.

With Google reputation, who would dare to doubt? read more

Web 2.0 with Chinese accent

Dec 08, 2008

Everybody heard about the horrors of Chinese Internet,

but it's a surprise to learn they look so sweet and enthusiastic as Jingjing and Chacha. It should seem that the optimistic Chinese just have fun even in such a way. Besides, the service is quite in the manner of Web 2.0. See for yourself: read more

A Man is Known by his Username

Nov 23, 2008

The Username selection becomes a key challenge today. While surfing the Web you face the necessity to use it much more often then your offline first and last names given by the parents without your sanction.

Unlike the latter, a username is something you are free to invent. This creativity certainly fills the names with sense. It even allows drawing the certain conclusions about their owners. From time to time the usernames delight the eye of a tired surfer so they deserved a kind of homemade classification read more

Has Web 2.0 influenced the Global Crisis?

Nov 12, 2008

The participants of the recent Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco expressed their concern about the trendiness of clogging the Internet with useless information.

According to their version, the crisis burst in many ways out of info superabundance: the experts simply failed to discern the alarm signs in this torrent. Do you have the same information overdose symptoms?

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Six tips to not go mad when some enemy disconnected you from Internet

Oct 29, 2008
no internet

No Internet access! Just when you planned to execute so many great ideas! Now it's all over and next couples of hours are fatally spoiled.

Do not panic and stop calling the support. Pull yourself together and do some practical things instead.

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Election topics are spammers useful tool

Oct 21, 2008

According to New York Times spammers are seven times more likely to use Obama's name than McCain's in the bulk messages subject lines.

For ordinary users this fact may only mean adding extra spam filters. However, sometimes spam messages may contain invaluable information.

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Halloween spooky gift from hackers

Oct 07, 2008

drawing on and the Internet criminals are it together with us. This time they offer a nice copy of well-known Storm Trojan to gladden the innocent and credulous users.

The messages sent by the gangs suggest downloading a program called Halloween.exe. The application is declared to be "Halloween dancing skeleton screensaver". Needless to say that practically it is an extremely hazardous Trojan. It takes control of your PC and penetrates into your local network to further remotely controlling all computers through a server. read more

Brad Pitt in his new capacity

Oct 04, 2008

Protect your PC from Brad Pitt: leading news feeds have declared him "the most dangerous man in Internet". Type in you brouser his name and learn why.

What do you know about Brad Pitt? Bet the variants would be: "the greatest blond ever", "an odious Hollywood sex symbol", "the most remarkable in human history", "Angelina Jolie's current husband" and similar banalities. read more

Social networks: hedge of etiquette to feel comfortable

Sep 29, 2008

Recent research has revealed that almost two thirds of social sites users face certain difficulties mixing with people within social networks. Some simple-to-follow rules may help to avoid misunderstanding and frustration about this popular activity...

If you prefer to remain enigmatic and mysterious perhaps social networks are not for you.Such sites are created to reveal maximum information both to other users and to advertisers (what is much more important). read more

A word in defense of video games

Sep 25, 2008

You'd hardly find a person claiming that playing videogames do nothing but a power of good. At the same time most people definitely play at least one of them.

Video games are the same part of today's reality as, say, unfavorable ecological situation or petrol price increase. Does it mean the parents can just own up this state of things?
The massive central issue of the debate is the games' impact on children. The most well-grounded opponents may rant out a speech with the key-words as violence and aggression, health threat, lost time, reality misrepresentation.
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Attention! Another Internet fraud

Sep 24, 2008

Nobody wants his computer to be infected, but not every user is sure how these viruses look like. It's a perfect background for the swindles of all kinds.

You surf Internet and suddenly your attention's attracted by the link "Test your PC for hackers attacks vulnerability" or "Is your PC safe?", or something like this. read more
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